Diz Minnitt


Diz Minnitt has been Operational Manager in Milton Keynes Youth Offending Team since 2001. A qualified Social Worker with 30+ years’ multi-agency Youth Justice / Youth Offending Teams experience, he has been the Speech and Language Lead for the Association of Youth Offending Team Managers (AYM) since 2007. He was a founder member of the Children’s Communication Coalition – national organisations / experts in communication and justice seeking action to meet the needs of vulnerable children with communication disability. He is a member of the Communication Council, a strategic group jointly chaired by Directors from The Department for Education and The Department of Health. He has contributed to research, both nationally (Bercow Review; Bradley Review) and internationally (Australia; New Zealand; Netherlands), and to the development of SEND legislation / statutory guidance and training programmes for the UK Youth Justice / SEND Sector on behalf of the YJB, DfE, AYM, Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists, Communication Trust and the Council for Disabled Children.