Davie Parks


I grew up in Glasgow, Scotland and my career has focused mainly in the development of juvenile justice services in the UK (Glasgow, Belfast and Newcastle upon Tyne). I currently manage a range of multi-disciplinary services for young offenders at Newcastle upon Tyne Youth Offending Team.

I have developed a network of international partners sharing practice and ideas with a range of criminal justice agencies including the National Partnership for Juvenile Services (USA) and academic and practice institutions across the EU. I chair the academic research partnership between Newcastle Youth Offending Team and Northumbria University which includes all University faculties and other external criminal justice agencies.

I qualified in the Advanced Diploma in Practice Education and Development (Social Work) in 2003 and have a strong commitment to Social Work education and training. I teach a number of Criminology, Law and Social Policy modules at Northumbria University as an Associate Lecturer and I am an external member of the Northumbria Centre for Crime and Justice at Northumbria Universityhttp://collab.northumbria.ac.uk/coo/

As founder of The Skill Mill Limited www.theskillmill.org – a multi award winning Social Enterprise dedicated to the employment and training of young people in environmental work – I have been at the vanguard of a burgeoning sector which addresses societal issues in innovative and practical ways. This experience and learning has helped me to consolidate a reputation for initiating highly innovative and creative ideas which address both the need for achieving efficiency and improving outcomes for disadvantaged young people and communities.

Since 2015 I have been a Director and member of the National Association of YOT Managers.