The AYM run a number of regional events each year – these tend to be themed around changes to practice or preparation for inspections.

Inspection workshops

There were two inspection workshops in April 2019, one in Stafford and one in London. They were attended by 80 YOT managers and featured colleagues from seven YOT areas which had recently been inspected. They passed on the benefits of their experience on such issues as preparing the Management Board and staff for inspection and getting the logistics right for the inspection week itself. 

We are grateful to colleagues from Derby, Sandwell, Warwickshire, Bristol, Essex, Hampshire and Barking and Dagenham for giving up their time to share their experience.

AYM will be feeding back regularly to HMI Probation with the views of members on the new inspection framework and these events will help us to give accurate and constructive feedback. Please let us know if you think it would be helpful to run additional events further into this cycle of inspections.